Instructor Garry Drinkall (1st Dan)


Tang Soo Do is a personal thing to and trying to explain what it is about in tidy sound bites is a little difficult, and my reasons for training in Tang Soo are many and varied, If you ask one day, I might give a completely different reason to the next, however all valid. Tang Soo Do for some, is discipline, confidence, You could say I want my child to interact well with other kids, not to have issues with bullying, to be able to have the confidence and enjoy their everyday life and to deal with things that may be difficult or problematic Tang Soo will help with that. Some might say, Tang Soo Do is for fitness and flexibility, which it certainly helps develop, but is not essential. Some might look to the Martial side of Tang Soo Do – as always we train for protection, self defence and security. I’m a big fan of security, You only need to look in today’s papers or watch the latest news headline to realise that the world we are bringing up our children can be a cruel and nasty place. In my world, I’m happy to go about my business and I like to think that I can do this in the relatively safety without risk to myself, family or possessions. Generally this can be said as true, we no longer fear the dark places where wolves prowl, but of urban predators. I’m not saying that we should all fear going outside and shut ourselves away behind locked doors, but a healthy respect and common sense should liberally be applied to all we do. Nasty surprises can await someone who is not aware of his or her environs. Tang Soo Do is security, I train so that when all else fails, I have an advantage, when that slight lapse of concentration, or misfortune occurs, and if I find myself in a confrontational situation, I have a set of skills that will help keep me safe and get me away. I train hard, so that I never have to use it in its physical form in reality outside of the dojang Its Fun too. I’ve been training now for four years and loved every bit of it. Tang Soo!.



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