Dojang Etiquitte


The five basic principles of tang soo do

  1. Be loyal to one’s queen and country.
    2.  Obedience to parents and elders.
    3.  Respect to instructors and seniors.
    4.  Self control.
    5.  Never misuse the art of Tang Soo Do


  1.  All new students young and old `will receive a small induction from a senior member of the club. Parents will always be consulted during the induction of children. The induction will include filling in a health screening questionnaire as well as being briefed about the Martial Art we teach to include health and safety procedures within the dojang.

VERY IMPORTANT:- All students under the age of 18 are required to be escorted by a parent or guardian to and from the TRAINING HALL (Not sports centre). It is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure the student(s) get to and from the training hall.

The TSD Instructors will take responsibility of the students welfare during class times and will ensure the Parents / Guardians come into the training hall to pick up the student(s).

Student’s whose parents / Guardians have been delayed, will stay in the training hall with more than two adult instructors until the parent / Guardians have arrived.

All students must have clean and pressed uniforms

No jewellery must be worn in class with the exception of Instructors who can wear a wrist watch for time keeping etc..

Long hair must be tied back and clear of the eyes to give the students good vision at all times

Finger/Toe nails must be kept short and clean

Student’s who wish to wear T-shirts under uniforms, may do so but they must be plain white with no logos or writing on.

Hands must be clean and free from ink etc..

No chewing of gum or eating is allowed in class

Please ensure you have a drink with you in class. Re-hydration is imperative.

Mobile phones are to be switched off or turned to silent and stowed in the student’s belongings during class. Dispensation will be given to students who have a genuine reason for having their phones switched on e.g emergencies.

All students are advised to go to the toilet before class.

ll licence fees must be paid to the instructor at the earliest opportunity. Students who have outstanding licence fees will be limited to how they can train.

No bad language or horseplay will be tolerated in class.

General Etiquette:-

  1. Total respect and discipline must be conducted at all times in the Dojang in accordance with Tang Soo Do Tradition.

All students must bow when accessing/egressing the Dojang.

If a student wishes to leave the Dojang they must get permission from the instructor and if the student is under 18 years of age the instructor will ensure they are picked up by their parent / guardian.

Children who wish to use the toilet during training will be taken to their parents / guardians. If the parents are guardians are not available either 2 adult instructors or 1 adult instructor and A.N.Other parent will be engaged to ensure they get to and from the toilet (All TSD Instructors will wait on the outside of the toilet in common areas).

Instructors will ensure the students get back into the class safely.

Respect is a 2-way operation. All our instructors respect all person’s who enter our training hall and will give them our un-divided attention at all times, all we ask is for is good behaviour. Safety is paramount within all aspects of our training, we always put our students first and their health, safety and welfare is of the upmost importance to us.

Thanks for reading

Kindest Regards

Craig Moat (Chief Instructor)