Zi Shiying

Zi Shiying 自適應

Meaning: Adaptive

Adaptive: adjective:-

1).  Concerned with changing; able to change when necessary in order to deal with different situations.

2).  Adaptive learning systems; offer students customised learning experiences according to their needs and capabilities.

Our style of Tang Soo Do although traditional, understands that all individuals are different and our aim is to bespoke our training to the individual.

Hence Zi Shiying was formed.  All of our instructors engage with all of our students on an individual basis to work out what works for them.

In its own explanation ‘Self’ defence, is a personal entity. We strongly believe, that all students should not just develop throughout training, but understand what works for them. This takes time and as instructors we are there to guide (not dictate) to all students, to find what works and doesn’t work for them (unlike trying to drive a square peg into a circular hole). It is no good drilling techniques week after week that either don’t come naturally or don’t suit the individuals.

Although we have a syllabus, we work directly with each and every one of our students to improve them in a way that suits them.

Since we started our classes a number of years ago, we have seen students progress well and feel comfortable in what they have been taught, because it is be-spoke to them and has paid dividends.