Our son Daniel has been attending Tang Soo Do since September 2014.  He absolutely loves the sessions and looks forward to every Saturday morning.  The sessions are well organised, student centred, educational and extremely enjoyable.  The instructors are fantastic and make everyone at ease – especially the younger children.

Craig creates a disciplined, safe and educational learning environment, which the students all relish.

Michael & Liz Elwell, Parents

Craig Moat is everything I look for in a martial arts instructor.

He is passionate about keeping people safe and is one of those rare teachers that manages to get an instant rapport with students and has the ability to cater for all levels of experience.

Eddie Quinn, Founder of the Approach (Self Protection Method)

My 6 year old Son Elliott started Zi Shiying Tang Soo Do in May 2015 after expressing an interest in martial arts.  I noticed a difference in Elliott’s confidence around week two and this has grown week on week.

The class itself is extremely welcoming, their promotion of anti-bullying and self protection are a breath of fresh air.  In particular Craig’s no-nonsense approach in making comparisons with real life situations and arming the students with the techniques needed to protect themselves, is a pleasure to watch.

All the students are engaged, all have equal opportunity to showcase what they have learnt, all display respect & restraint but most importantly they all have fun (even the grown ups)!

I am extremely proud of Elliott’s development and very grateful for the fantastic teaching, kindness and encouragement shown to him at each class.

Gemma Laycock, Parent