Diary dates 2017

Grading:- Saturday - 18th March

Sponsored Walk:- Sunday 21st May

Grading:- Saturday - 10th June

Grading:-Saturday – 23rd September

Kids Christmas Party:- Sunday 10th December

Grading:- Saturday – 16th December

Adults Christmas Party:- Saturday 16th December

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Good news story

I received a phone call from the Tees Valley Community Foundation, who kindly gave us the £1000 grant. They want to do a feature on us that will go out in the local press all for free. They are also looking at how they can get us involved with anti-bullying schemes within schools in the...
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Pyung Ahn Workshops

A huge thanks to all of those who attended this workshop.

Remember Pyung Ahn is an imperative part of your skill set within Tang soo do and the foundation of our self defence. These classes are open to all adults and children who are green belt and above.

I will be doing...
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Most of you will probably know by now our website has been completely renewed. This went live on Christmas Eve. There is however a lot more information to go on this site, to include further videos and interviews. Please let us know your thoughts, its your website after all.

If you have any ideas...
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