Zi Shiying Tang Soo Do prides itself on the quality of its instructing. Craig Moat The Chief Instructor has a NVQ LEVEL 3 certificate in Self defence instruction, he also spends a number of hours a week at work teaching at a Safety Training Company. All the other instructors have been internally verified by Craig and each instructor has a Verification of Competence (VOC) pack which identifies their training matrix. The instructors work closely together to share knowledge and keep each other abreast of changes in legislation etc..

All instructors are fully CRB checked and have signed onto the NAKMAS ‘Safe Kids Campaign’. We also have Joe Zielinski who works as a fulltime Teaching Assistant and is our Child Protection Officer (CPO) and he ensures all information is promulgated to all instructors.

All instructors operate on a system where we listen first to students both young and old and we engage with all parents and guardians so that they are full au fait with their child’s progression. This we believe has paid dividends. In addition to the above we hold a Parents & Guardians committee every quarter in order to keep all members in the club up to date but more importantly to ensure information flows both ways.

Craig Moat 4th Dan Chief Instructor
Graham Towl 3rd Dan Instructor
Kevin Jackson 3rd Dan Instructor / Treasurer
Peter Moor 2nd Dan Instructor
Amy Warrior 2nd Dan  Instructor
John Paterson 2nd Dan Instructor
Jacob Moat 2nd Dan Instructor
Joseph Zielinski 1st Senior Dan Instructor / Child Protection Officer
Jane Herron 1st Dan Instructor
Thomas Hall 1st Dan Instructor
Jackie Paterson 1st Dan Instructor
Garry Drinkall 1st Dan Instructor