Mission Statement

We are a friendly, family club and our statement is as follows:-
To ensure that all students are taught a self defence system that is be-spoke to them as an individual at minimal cost.
All suits and insurance purchased are sold at cost price only, class fees pay for our training hall and any surplus cash goes into club funds.

All grading fees are a set at a nominal cost, with no incremental increases on grades. We also do family rates when there is more than one member grading. There is also NO CHARGE for any DAN grading’s. We believe if a student has trained very hard for a number of years and supported the club, there should be no charge. Also, all grading fees pay for the hall and all surplus cash goes into the club.

We have a parents committee that meet every quarter, where our Club treasurer identifies what fees have come in and what monies have been paid out, thus illustrating complete ‘transparency’ of our cash-flow within the club . We also put it to the committee what needs to be purchased for example (Equipment, club insurance etc..) and we will only go ahead with their approval. All committee minutes are promulgated to all members of the club, so all members are fully au fait as to any changes in the club and/or purchases we are going to make.

We are a proud supporter of the ‘Anti-bullying Alliance’ and work with local schools, to spread the word about anti-bullying.
First and foremost we do not advocate violence in any way, and believe physical Self defence is a ‘last resort’. We first of all, teach all ages the importance of (awareness/avoidance), (distance/gauging space), posturing, (3 elements of personal expression) etc.. thus giving students the tools to avoid any altercation.

Having trained for 25 years, I understand that not all techniques work for everyone. In its own explanation ‘Self’ defence, is a personal entity. I strongly believe, that all students should not just develop throughout training, but understand what works for them. This takes time and as instructors we are there to guide (not dictate) to all students to find what works and doesn’t work them (unlike trying to drive a square peg into a circular hole). It is no good drilling techniques week after week that either don’t come naturally or don’t suit individuals.

I believe techniques should be simple and effective. Too much information can be dangerous to anyone in a high octane situation. Only simple self defence techniques that utilize gross motor skills are shown. In addition to the above, we also pressure test the techniques that do work for individuals. Especially with adults/seniors by changing the environment, number of attackers, shortening the range, working from the floor, against a wall and so on.
This will improve the individuals Proprioception, reaction time, muscle memory etc.. We teach Tang Soo Do as it was originally intended (For self defence). Focus, being on both the soft (Um) and hard (Yang) elements. All movements taught have been stripped back to their original roots As we believe this is how they should be explained.

Thank you for Reading