The Approach




Note to all persons who teach Self defence or martial arts or those who

just wish to learn how to defend themselves.

The Approach is a method that can be learnt in hours not years. It’

utilizes gross motor skills that are simplistic to deploy in any high

octane situation. The approach is both tried and tested and has been

taught by Guru Eddie Quinn across the world in various sectors

including Presidential body guard detachments to anti-poaching teams

in South Africa. Eddie is in my opinion is the ‘Go To person‘ for self

defence training. His CV and more importantly his life experiences

speak for themselves. There is no hierarchy in his classes (everybody is

valued as an equal) regardless of experience or grade. Above all Eddie is

a true Gentleman and I am happy to call him my friend.


Having done martial arts for well over 20 years, I still wasn’t fully

comfortable with the practical application of what I had been taught

historically. The hunt was on to find something different. After

purchasing one of Eddies DVD’s I knew there was a future for me with

the approach. A couple of weeks later I picked up the phone and called

him. I explained my feelings about my training etc.. we talked for nearly

an hour. We had a lot in common, I too had suffered a severe beating

from a number of thugs at an early age (certainly not to the level as

Eddie) but we had a lot in common. At this point I agreed to attend the

approach instructor’s course in October 2014 and have never looked

back. Im proud to be part of the approach family and I have made loads

of new Friends.



The core movements are a forehand strike and a backhand strike which

can be used as single strikes or in combination, the strikes are then

combined with footwork. The reason people reach a good standard very

quickly is that I relate the movements to what the human body does

naturally. I relate the forehand strike to a throwing movement, the

backhand strike to skimming a Frisbee and I then put it all together by

putting one foot in front of the other, in other words, walking!

Research has shown us that one of the reasons the human race has

survived is because of our ability to throw things; Rocks, spears to hunt

for food.


The Mother art of The Approach is Silat Fitrah, I have been studying

Silat for the past 21 years. Silat is a South East Asian martial art based

on blades and multiple attackers, The Approach was born using

 principles from this art.


In the UK we are not allowed to carry Hammers, Baseball bats and

Blades legally on the street, however if you imagine your closed fist is a

hammer, your forearm a baseball bat and your elbows are blades then

you have your own legal versions!


The objective is to strike the attackers head.  In Silat Fitrah one of its

main principles is; ‘If the elbows could they would’. If my attacker was

close I would use my elbows to strike, however as you well know, there

is often a large space before you get to the head.  We fill this space with

hammer/forearm strikes, this can be with either a pre emptive strike or

we can be reactive and use this same strike to smash the oncoming

punch and then take the space so the elbows can get to the head.

Remember, whoever fills the space the best, wins the fight.

By Guru Eddie Quinn



As well as keeping in touch with Guru Eddie Quinn I returned in Oct

2015 to further validate my Approach instructor’s course with gaining a

level 3 instructors certificate. This was a joined venture between both

Eddie Quinn and NFPS (the awarding body) and Eddie’s teacher the

amazing Chris Parker. This was a very humbling experience to be

around so many amazing Martial Arts exponents with a huge wealth of



I have to be honest in the 2 courses mentioned above I have learnt

more in them 5 combined days in practical self defence that I have ever

learnt in my previous 20+ years of martial arts training.

I believe as instructors we need to stay humble and to always see

ourselves as a student of martial arts.


The approach has given our club further credibility for practical and

adaptive self defence. We offer ‘Approach self defence’ seminars.

Please use our contacts page if you are interested.

Thanks for reading