Falck Safety Services manager delivers anti-bullying campaign to local schools

Falck Safety Services manager delivers anti-bullying campaign to local schools


A SHEQ manager from a leading safety training firm is delivering anti-bullying campaigns to Primary Schools across the Teesside area.


Craig Moat, 41, of Falck Safety Services, will be attending Prior’s Mill Primary School in Billingham on Monday (8 February) in association with his martial arts club, Zi Shiying tang Soo Do, to teach the school students about self-awareness and self-defence in confrontational situations.


Mr Moat(Chief Instructor-4th Dan), who is based at the Falck’s Teesside facility, started up Zi Shiying Tang Soo Do in January 2014, which is a not-for-profit club that teaches a range of age groups, spanning from six years and above. Having practiced TSD for 25 years, Mr Moat is passionate about passing on his own self-defense advice and techniques to his students, helping to increase their confidence and equipping them with the life skill of self-defence.


The local martial arts club also aims to raise funds for the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), a coalition of organisations and individuals working to stop bullying in schools, with Mr Moat now dedicating his spare time to delivering campaigns to students.


Mr Moat said: “This is the second time I have been invited along to Prior’s Mill School and it is always a pleasure to speak to the kids to find out how much they actually know about bullying, and how to prevent it or manage themselves in tricky situations.


“It’s astonishing to learn than 43% of children in the UK have been affected by bullying, with 44% being bullied at least once a week. These figures highlight just how active it is in schools at the moment and the urgency to try and do something about it. I’ve been approached by a number of schools now in the area to help raise awareness of the issue and it is often year’s five, six and seven I work with to help equip them for senior school. I hope that by providing them advice around awareness and avoidance of potentially bad situations, as well as self-defence tactics as a last resort, I can help make a difference in their life and give them the confidence they need to take action.


“I’ve been given great moral support from my employer, Falck, Neil Russel and Jade Mulhearn from Stockton Borough Council, as well as backing from Stockton M.P, Alex Cunningham, to help make a difference in the local community. Falck is a great believer in corporate social responsibility and grants time for me to help out a the schools when required.”



Zi Shiying Tang Soo Do recently won the Outstanding Achievement Award at last year’s Stockton Borough Council Club, coach and volunteer Awards, and has been shortlisted this year for the Club of the Year Award. For more information on TSD classes and self-defence tactics, visit www.tangsoo.org.uk



Falck Safety Services

Falck Safety Services, which delivers realistic training in a safe and controlled environment using the most recent equipment and simulators, has strong industry expertise servicing the global oil and gas, shipping, renewable energy, military and aviation industries, and last year trained over 340,000 people.


Falck Safety Services is a division of the Nordic-based organisation Falck, which has a mission to prevent accidents, disease and emergency situations, to rescue and assist in emergencies and to offer rehabilitation support following illness or injury.  The firm has a vision to develop a major international organisation working with assistance, emergency, healthcare and safety services.



Zi Shiying

Zi Shiying is a friendly, family club, with the aim of ensuring that all students are taught a self-defence system that is be-spoke to them as an individual at minimal cost. http://www.tangsoo.org.uk/



The Anti-bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn. The Anti-Bullying Alliance was established by the NSPCC and NCB in 2002 and is hosted by leading children’s charity, the National Children’s Bureau.


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